Why Use eti-KITS®

As an etiquette consultant with years of experience, I know that today’s busy lifestyles make it difficult to find the time to teach or learn good manners – whether you are a parent, college student, or business professional.

That’s why I created eti-KITS®, a line of etiquette Tools and Guides to make learning manners easy and fun.

After seeing hundreds of napkins slip to the floor in my dining etiquette classes, I developed eti-KITS® Napkin Clips with a companion guidebook, Napkin and Dining Etiquette. Napkin Clips are perfect for diners of all ages who want to keep their clothes clean while dining at the table or on the go.

For less than the cost of a latte (and in the time it takes to drink it) you can own and read my Essential Etiquette Guides: 25 Simple Rules to make your manners shine . These pocket-sized gems are the must-have series of take-along guides on etiquette for social and business situations.

In today’s fast-paced world, manners matter more than ever. You may have only seconds to make an impression. Use eti-KITS® Tools and Guides to make sure it’s a good one!


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