Dining Quiz

Test your dining I.Q. - T = True F = False

T F 1.
When setting the table, the bread plate is placed to the right of the dinner plate, above the utensils.
T F 2.
At a dinner party, the guest of honor sits at the head of the table.
T F 3.
You would be correct to wait until your hostess begins eating before you commence eating.
T F 4.
When eating fish, hold the fish knife the same way you hold the steak knife when cutting meat.
T F 5.
It is okay to sample your dining partner’s food by using your fork and taking a small portion off his/her plate.
T F 6.
When you leave the table during the meal, it would be correct to place your napkin on the seat of your chair.
T F 7.
It is acceptable for a woman to place her small handbag or clutch on top of the table beside her dinner plate.
T F 8.
You would be correct to place your cell phone on silent mode while dining as a guest in someone’s home or at a restaurant.
T F 9.
If you are the recipient of a toast, it is appropriate to remain seated while you join others and take a sip of your drink.
T F 10.
When you have finished eating, it is appropriate to place your napkin on the plate so the waiter can remove it from the table.
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