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It is important to remember that "thank you" notes are not reserved for only the holiday season. A gift received requires a proper "thank you" at any time of the year. Not just e-mails or text messages, but real hand-written notes on notecards or stationery! Although hand-written letters and notes seem to be on the "endangered species" list, there truly is no substitute for sending and receiving these personal messages. Your words, your stationery, even your handwriting (legible or not!) all contribute to a personal expression of caring that cannot be duplicated by today's instant technology. Pick up a pen and write one today!

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Do you know the real meaning of the word "etiquette"? What
is "chivalry"? Have you eaten an "amuse bouche" lately? These definitions and more!

Quiz: Do you know which breadplate belongs to you? How do you hold a fish knife? Test your dining I.Q

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