Answers to Dining Quiz

1. False
The bread plate is placed to the upper left of the dinner plate, above the forks.
2. False
The host sits at the head of the table with the hostess or co-host sitting at the opposite end of the table. A female guest of honor is seated to the right of the male host; a male guest of honor is seated to the right of the female host or hostess.
3. True
Wait until your hostess begins eating, or wait until everyone at your table has been served before you commence eating. Doing so displays respect and consideration.
4. False
Delicate fish does not need to be “carved” the way meat does. Hold your fish knife the way you hold a pencil. Then gently separate the fish off the bone into individual pieces.
5. False
Eating off one another’s plate is not considered fine dining. To sample one another’s food, have your partner pass his/her bread plate or ask the waiter for two small plates. Then place a small portion of your food onto the plate and pass it back to your partner.
6. True
No one wants to look at your used napkin while they are eating, so refrain from placing it on top of the table. At a buffet, placing your napkin on the seat of your chair signals that your seat is taken.
7. True
A small handbag or clutch may be placed on your lap, covered by your napkin. Larger purses should not hang from the back of your chair. Purses and briefcases should be placed on the floor to the side of your chair.
8. False
Other diners will thank you for preventing a ringing cell phone to disrupt their dinner. If you are expecting an important phone call, advise your dining partners of this beforehand. Then excuse yourself from the table and take the call in the lobby or outside.
9. False
While it is correct to remain seated, when you are the recipient of a toast you do not drink to yourself. A toast is a way of being honored. It is a gift. Receive it graciously and say thank you.
10. False
Never place your napkin on top of a used plate. Doing so will stain the napkin and make it difficult for cleaning. When you are leaving the table with everyone, place your napkin to the left side of the plate.

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